What is planning poker?

Planning Poker is also known as Agile Poker. It is a team assessment approach often used by agile teams to evaluate the amount of work or the relative magnitude of development objectives in software development.
Planning Poker is a task appraisal strategy for agile teams. It is played with cards and resembles a game of poker.
James Grenning, one of the creators of the agile manifesto, originally defined Planning Poker in his paper.
Planning Poker is played as follows:

  1. Each player is given a deck of cards with numerical weights to evaluate needs.
  1. The next user story is discussed and evaluated: it is read aloud, the team queries the product owner, and details are obtained as needed.
  2. Each team member delivers his or her evaluation by putting the card with the shirt up.
  3. When all team members have completed their assessments, all cards are handed over and the results are reconciled.
  4. If all participants’ ratings are the same, the consensus score is put in the wish list; otherwise, a re-discussion starts and a second round is conducted.
  • The whole team participates in the planning. – Each team member has a voice without being swayed by more authoritative colleagues.
  • All team members are accountable for meeting deadlines.
  • PP estimates are more accurate than other estimation approaches.

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