WPT Global GeoComply to Aid A5 in Eliminating Bots and Cheaters

A5 Labs, a producer of competitive games and platforms, has hired a geolocation and fraud detection expert to safeguard the World Poker Tour’s international development.

As WPT Global continues to develop internationally, GeoComply will implement its entire suite of upgraded fraud detection and prevention procedures to guarantee player safety. The company’s main priority will be to prevent cheating and other forms of disruption to the gaming experience for players from the 85 countries in which they operate.

Security at WPT is Increased
The goal is to identify and eliminate any dishonest participants who threaten WPT’s integrity by using unfair tactics. John Andress, head of security at A5 Labs, made a statement on the alliance, noting that dishonest players have been practically an integral part of the online poker community from the very beginning.

Nonetheless, things have improved greatly, not the least of which is due to the introduction of effective anti-cheating and anti-fraud programs. Andress expressed confidence in WPT Global’s (A5’s customer) ability to overcome cheaters and provide a fair playing field in the future.

We were resolved to make the investments necessary to remain ahead of more sophisticated crooks as our client WPT Global begins a new path. By funding industry-leading software like GeoComply, we can stay ahead of cheaters no matter where they are located.

According to John Andress, head of security at A5 Labs, WPT Global has been thriving and is now accessible in over 50 countries across the world. The site has been up for about a year, and it is currently one of the largest poker networks in the world, with an average of 15,000 daily active players.

Proven effective in actual use; backed by solid data
In an effort to make the WPT name associated with trust and fairness, A5 Labs has been aggressively combating fraud and cheating on behalf of its partner. Although A5 Labs has been successful so far by putting resources into machine learning and data science solutions to combat cheating, it will now make use of GeoComply’s one-of-a-kind capabilities to target bot groups and other fraudulent organizations that may be operating in coordination.

Mark Blunder, vice president of sales and customer experience at GeoComply, expressed his excitement at the prospect of working with A5 Labs and WPT Global to combat fraud in the international online poker community. Blunden elaborated by saying that GeoComply’s deployable technology and solutions have previously been tried and true.

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