What is strip poker?

Poker is not always about professional tournaments with extremely big prizes and losses. Sometimes it is about lighthearted games with your friends. And strip poker can add some extra highlights in such an activity.

Strip poker has always been part of modern pop culture, and you can find mentions and jokes about it in various movies, books and even songs. If you have found yourself in a situation when you want to host a strip poker game, but don’t know how to do it, this text is for you.

The main idea of strip poker is, of course, not to win money and not to strictly follow all the rules. The main idea of this game is to have some fun and good laughs. It is important to understand that if you try to be professional in such a game, you will surely ruin everyone’s mood. But it does not mean that you and your guests should not know at least basic poker rules, so be sure to read them together before the game and have some practice. 

Formally, the main goal of the game is to “strip” your opponent. Such an idea can be problematic for some people, so be sure to check everyone’s opinion before starting the game. Any type of poker can be used for strip poker, but it is better to choose simpler variants with few betting streets. 

The main problem of strip poker rules is how you manage the “striping part” of the game. How much clothes should you get rid of if you lose? Can you get something back if you win? There are no universal rules for this game and you can discuss all of the nuances with your friends before the game.

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