What happens when there is a river in poker?

The last betting round in poker is on the river. The fifth and last communal card is dealt at the river. The showdown follows the conclusion of the betting rounds, when all remaining players expose their cards and a winner is declared.
The pot has become rather big by the time the river happens, so any error ends up being expensive. The river is sometimes seen as the last opportunity to “remove” a rival from the game before to the showdown by bluffing and taking his pot.
The final bets are placed when everyone learns the specifics of their hand at the river.
The following objectives are pursued along the river:
A player who believes he has the best hand and that no other player can beat it will try to enhance the pot as much as possible.
A raise that is designed such that the opposition calls it is known as value betting.
A player who bet-raises places a tiny wager while watching for their opponent to increase it. The pot then becomes much bigger after the re-raise.
Without going to a showdown, a player who doesn’t have a great hand could still be able to win the pot by making a massive raise that their opponent won’t be prepared to match.
Keeping losses to a minimum, you should fold if your hand isn’t the greatest to increase the pot and you’re not confident your bluff will succeed. You may minimize the effect of your losses by checking or betting after folding.
A player who attempts to spend the fewest chips feasible in showdown indicates that he is unsure if his hand is superior to the opponent’s.

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