Royal Flush: the rarest hand in poker

The royal flush is the strongest possible combination of cards in poker. It consists of the five strongest cards of the same suits, from Ten to an Ace. The chances of getting a royal flush are extremely low. Many professional players with years of experience in poker have never actually got this hand. 

The average probability of getting this premium hand is believed to be 1 to 649739. After getting the first two cards on the first draw, the chances of getting a royal flush do not exceed 0,0008%. If you lack one card to get a royal flush on the flop stage, the chances of getting it are 2%. The final betting round slightly increases your chances – up to 4%.

In Texas Holdem there are multiple ways in which a royal flush can form:

Common royal flush – all five common cards form a royal flush, which means the bot is split equally between all players.

One face-down card – one of your two face-down cards needed to form a royal flush complements four cards on the board.

Two starting cards + three commons – both of your face-down cards received at the start of the game perfectly combine with three common cards.

If you are getting a royal flush, your main goal shifts to getting as many chips from your opponent as possible. Royal flush guarantees you victory, but that doesn’t mean you have to make insane bets – it will scare your opponents off. Making others believe you have a weak hand might be a valid option – they will be more likely to raise, meaning at the end you’ll get more chips.

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