How to play three card poker?

Three card poker is the name of a new kind of poker that appeared in 1994 thanks to Derek Webb, the owner of a network of gambling clubs. The game against the dealer has taken root in modern casinos, which cannot be said about poker rooms.

The rules are relatively simple. Winning depends only on luck, no special mathematical calculations are needed, but you can bluff.

Three card poker combinations:

– Straight flush.

– Troika.

– Street (3-2-A is usually a low street).

– Flash.

– Pair.

Combinations are listed by seniority. The non-standard hierarchy is explained by the fact that the probability of getting them with three cards in hand is different from the 5-card layout, as in classic poker. From a deck of 52 cards, it is possible to get 22 thousand and another hundred 3-card layouts.

How to play three card poker – basic rules

Even three-card poker has several subspecies. Consider the classic rules.

To play, you only need a deck of cards, dice and other additional accessories are not needed. If you play at home, agree on who will be the dealer. Number of participants 2-6. Discuss beforehand how the ace is used. It can be a high card or act as a one for a straight.

1. Place an Ante bet. After that, you get 3 cards. By the way, hence the name of the game. The dealer distributes them open. No one replaces the card, there is no open one either.

2. After evaluating your cards, make a decision – to fold or bet. In the first case, you lose the initial bet. In the second, you need to bet an amount equal to the “ante”.

3. If you didn’t fold your cards, but made a Bet, the dealer moves. If he failed to get a combination or at least a card higher than the lady, “there is no game.” Then for Ante you get a payout of 1:1. If the dealer is in the game, the participant loses his bets.

There is an Ante prize for the lucky ones who have collected the best combinations. For a Straight Flush they get 4:1, for a Three of a Kind 3:1. These prizes do not depend on the results of the dealer and are guaranteed to be paid out in any case. There are no bonus payouts for the Bet bet.


There is another important nuance – Pair-plus. This is a stand-alone bet that a player can place with Ante or even instead. There is a circle above the Ante box, the chips must be placed there. This is a kind of bet where you bet that you will get a meaningful combination. Usually the size range of Pair-plus and Ante at the gaming table is the same.

You risk losing the Pair-plus bet for an unsuccessful combination and refusal to raise Ante with a significant combination. In other cases, the additional bet will be paid guaranteed, no matter what cards the dealer receives. An approximate scale: for a Straight Flush, a player receives a prize of 40:1, a Three of a Kind brings 20:1, for a Straight they give 5:1, a Flush will please 4:1, a Pair is only 1:1.

As a rule, the casino does not set the maximum that can be won in this type of poker. Players are allowed to bet on any boxes, provided they are free. Also, participants at the table can freely communicate and share data.

Three Card Poker is one of the easiest games to play. But be sure to check the nuances in the casino, sometimes they differ.

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