How to play online poker with your friends?

Poker isn’t always about winning huge amounts of money and cold-blooded mathematical calculations. Sometimes it’s just about spending time with your friends while enjoying your favorite card game. Unfortunately, it can be hard to gather in one place with decent conditions, allowing for playing poker. Here is when online poker comes into play. 

Private matchmaking.

Private matchmaking is the most popular option for those seeking to play with their friends online. Most poker apps allow players to create private games and invite their friends. Those games are highly customizable, and the creator of the lobby is free to change rules as he pleases. In-game chips are the default currency used in such games, however, if you want to spice things up, it is possible to switch to real money. All popular poker apps provide players user-friendly interface and decent visuals, which means your game sessions with your friends are pleasant and comfortable.

Social media.

Social media is also a way to go for some players. Many social media feature in-built games for their users, including poker. This means no additional software is required. The main advantage of this method is its ease and accessibility – you don’t have to create additional accounts on some apps, you just need to have an account on a said platform. Another advantage – playing poker on social media is absolutely free. However, ads might also be featured, which irritates some players.

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