How to count cards in Poker

Cards counting is a popular and effective trick that was made famous by various movies and books about poker. It is sometimes shown how a player wins huge prizes thanks only to the cards counting. It is also a popular opinion that card counting is used mainly in blackjack. In this text we will try to understand how effective this trick is in poker games, such as Texas Hold’em. 

Basically, card counting is a method of keeping knowledge about what cards have already come out of a deck during a game. The problem is that while some cards are known for all players during the game (community cards), others are known only to the player who keep them in his hand. It is easy to say that information is a key to victory in poker, and for that reason card counting can be extremely helpful.

First of all – if you have a certain card, there is no such card in the deck or in the hands of other players. A simple rule that is often forgotten. Then you can combine this information with what is happening or already happened during the game in order to understand what cards can still be in the deck or in the hands of your opponents. Card counting is also known as “blocker” in poker, as you know what combinations are blocked thanks to the certain cards already dealt. It is extremely important to use card counting as it is one of the most effective ways to reach quick victory in any game, even against the most skillful opponents. Train your memory and focus on the game, and card counting will go smoothly.

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