How partypoker Strives for Fair Play

As technology advances and, as a result, offers more and more possibilities, the world of real money online poker changes. This, of course, comes with it a slew of new features and intricate player aids that, in the end, help to improve the whole online poker experience even more.

The major goal for operators is, of course, to make the game as entertaining as possible for poker aficionados, so that new players are drawn to and (hopefully) stay with them… and the eco-system continues to thrive.

However, along the road, it’s critical to strike a balance in terms of safeguarding consumers, especially the hobbyists who make up the bulk of gamers. Remember that this must be done across the board, whether it’s Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash games, Sit & Go games, online poker tournaments, or whatever else is available.

Finding an optimum setting that does this while yet providing players with a certain degree of choice, flexibility, and practicability is never simple. The ever-popular partypoker is one online poker club that continues to effectively walk this fine line.

Maintaining a fair playing field is an ongoing endeavor that we, as players, do not appreciate as much as we should. An crucial and sometimes controversial topic is the usage of different information-based software tools in real time, which have the potential to provide players a decisive advantage over opponents who do not utilize them.

How partypoker Strives for Balance in Poker Software
Some online poker clubs are more rigorous than others when it comes to players employing software tools, while others are probably too lenient. It’s worth noting that partypoker strikes a kind of compromise in that, although fair and lawful usage isn’t discouraged, it is still restricted during real play. To be explicit, partypoker discloses the software that is and isn’t allowed while the client is operating, so that players are adequately forewarned of the penalties of breaching the rules.
However, just because players shouldn’t have an unfair advantage in play doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to use these tools to study and eventually improve their game – it could be seen as unfair on those players willing to put in the effort to deny them the opportunity to maximize any information they can glean from time spent at the tables.

Hand Histories may be downloaded from Mygame.
After all, partypoker doesn’t want to ruin the festivities… They recognize the value of hand histories and, with that in mind, provide a specific mechanism in MyGame that enables players to import hand histories straight into software such as Holdem Manager or PokerTracker for usage away from the tables.

Importantly, all downloaded hand histories are anonymized, so that opponent aliases are concealed – the emphasis is just on real gaming data, which you may analyze to your heart’s content!

Good luck at the tables, and have fun practicing…


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