Full House hand in poker

The term Full House is familiar to every poker player. It is a combination of cards in hand, consisting of the same card in three suits (trips) combined with a pair of two equal-valued cards of different suits (a pair).

To get a full house hand (just like any other hand) in Texas Holdem, players can use their cards, which are dealt with them face-down, and up to two or five community cards, which are dealt face-up and can be used by every player. 

There are multiple ways of getting a full house:

A common full house – all of the five common cards form a full house, for example, K-K-K-4-4. If none of the players have a pair stronger than kings or fours, everyone wins.

Face-down pair + three commons – you have a pair of equal-valued cards in your hand, and three other equal-valued cards are common. 

Set + common pair – a pair of common equal-valued cards combined with two random cards, one of which is of the same value as the pair of your face-down cards.

Two common pairs – one of your face-down cards has to be of the same value as one of the pairs.

If you’ve managed to get a full house, don’t get too excited – your opponent can have an even stronger full house. If two players have a full house, the one with the stronger trips wins. However, if both players have the same trips, the winner is the player with the strongest pair. The strongest possible full house consists of three Aces and two Kings. However, even the strongest full house is beaten by the four-of-a-kind combination, which consists of a card in all for suits.

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