Dallas Expects Legal Fees of $600,000 to Suppress Poker Businesses

Texas is one of the U.S. states with the most stringent gambling regulations, and gambling is outlawed in the state. It is prohibited to stake money on any game using dice, cards, or machines such as slot machines. However, a poker-related loophole facilitated the development of the activity throughout the state.

Poker is not entirely illegal in Texas.
In order to function in Texas, poker rooms need membership fees. In addition to getting tips, the establishments gain from providing refreshments and food to their customers. This allows poker operations to operate in a legal gray area, since they conduct real-money games but do not take a part of the profits, instead charging a membership fee.

The gaming regulatory gap permitted the creation of poker enterprises in Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The Dallas Morning News says that a court fight contesting the establishment of poker operations in Dallas might cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Legal Fight Anticipated to Exceed $500,000
In 2020, Dallas municipal authorities authorized the establishment of two new poker operations, Texas Card House and Shuffle 214. At the time, authorities felt that these firms’ operations did not violate state gaming rules. At the time, there were a total of three poker establishments in Dallas.

In a change of circumstances that was unpleasant for the operators, municipal authorities reconsidered their intention to legalize poker gaming in 2021. As a consequence, the city opted to remove the companies’ permits of occupancy, which rendered the three poker establishments unlawful. Simultaneously, Dallas municipal authorities decided to cease providing these certificates, barring the development of more poker companies.

As a result, a court fight commenced, the cost of which may exceed $500,000 in legal expenses. After their licenses were revoked, the proprietors of Texas Card House and Shuffle 214 disputed the rulings before the Board of Adjustment. Surprisingly, the Board of Adjustment decided in favor of the two poker establishments that claimed to have obtained their accreditation in a legitimate manner.

Now, according to the most recent source, Dallas has a difficult decision over whether or not to invest almost $600,000 in a legal fight against poker enterprises. Soon, the municipality will decide whether or not to boost the budget for these legal fights.

The budget for the aforementioned legal battles may expand dramatically after several increases. Chad West, a member of the City Council and an attorney, favored postponing the vote to enhance funding for legal challenges. He said that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a “pretty easy legal subject” was excessive.

Source: www.gamblingnews.com

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