One interesting variety of card games against the dealer is Caribbean Poker. In addition to this name, it has another one – Oasis Poker. The player’s task is to make a higher combination than the dealer’s cards.


The Caribbean Poker game has a non-standard payout system for poker, which looks like this:

ace-king – 1 : 1;

one pair – 2 cards with the same value – 1:1;

two pairs – 2 pairs of cards with the same denominations – 2:1;

triple – 3 cards of the same denomination – 3: 1;

straight – 5 cards in order, regardless of suit – 4: 1;

flush – 5 cards of the same suit – 5: 1;

full house – both three of a kind and a pair – 7: 1;

four of a kind – 4 cards of the same denomination – 20: 1;

straight flush – 5 cards of the same suit – 50:1;

royal flush – 5 cards of the same suit from ace to ten – 100:1.

The poker combinations listed in the list are winning, and the proportions of payouts are calculated from the size of the bet made. In addition to them, there is the concept of “no game” – when the dealer does not have any combinations from the list.


According to the rules of the game in Caribbean poker, before the distribution of cards in poker, the player makes a bet, called “ante”, ranging from 1 to 100 chips. This is followed by the distribution of five cards to each – the dealer and the participant. The dealer, completing the distribution of cards, puts his last card face down, giving the player the opportunity to navigate.

Next, the player should decide on the next game or its termination based on the strength of the available hand, and either make a bet in the amount of 2 initial ones, or stop the game by making a fold. Stopping the game, he loses the ante. When continuing, a showdown occurs, and if the dealer does not have any combinations of cards, the player takes the winnings in the amount of the bet made, regardless of the quality of his hand. If the dealer has a combination, the hands of the participants are compared to determine the winner. The best combination wins, and if they match, the winnings are given to the layout with the highest cards.

An important rule of Caribbean poker is the possibility of paid replacement of cards, carried out once per game. The conditions of different casinos may provide for the replacement of up to 5 cards with payment in one ante.


The Caribbean Poker game is played between a single player and a dealer on a special table marked with 5 game sectors – boxes. In this case, the player can simultaneously play on any three boxes of the gaming table. Each game is played independently of the other two, including poker ante fees and all bets placed. A feature of the game on 3 boxes is the absence of card replacement in the third gaming sector. In addition, if a player has not calculated the required number of chips in advance and has not been able to deposit an ante or pay a mandatory bet, he loses.


Each casino for Caribbean poker has a jackpot, the size of which can fluctuate, but in most cases it is $10,000. The player, before paying the initial bet, can deposit $1 into the jackpot, which gives the right to participate in its drawing. The right to receive the jackpot or part of it comes upon receiving a combination of flush and above. Jackpot payouts are distributed as follows:

flush — $50;

full house — $100;

square — $500;

straight flush – 10%;

royal flush – 100%.

You can play Caribbean Pirate Poker at many online casinos.

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